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Scientific Programme
Friday, 24 March, 2017

Opening session
Chairs: Giuseppe Lippi and Zorica Sumarac

08:45-09:00	Introductory note
                        Ana-Maria Simundic
09:00-09:15	Welcome address on behalf of EFLM
                        Sverre Sandberg, EFLM President
09:15-10:00	How is EFLM WG-PRE improving the quality of Preanalytical phase in Europe
                        Mads Nybo

10:00-10:30	Coffee Break & Poster Walk

Session: Innovations in Preanalytical Phase
Chairs: Mads Nybo and Mercedes Ibarz

10:30-11:00	What is the hospital point of view about laboratory innovations?
                        Giuseppe Banfi
11:00-11:20	Innovations: from the point of view of the medical company
                        Stephen Church
11:20-11:40	Innovations within the laboratory
                        Pieter Vermeersch
11:40-12:30	Preanalytical cases (interactive)
                        Giuseppe Lippi

12:30-13:30	Lunch & Poster Walk

Session: Demand management - part I
Chairs: Ana-Maria Simundic and João Tiago Guimarães

13:30-14:00	Managing laboratory demand strategies: Some actual examples of their usefulness
                        Maria Salinas
14:00-14:30	Targeted thyroid testing in acute illness - achieving success through audit and teaching
                        Lakdasa Devananda Premawardhana

14:30-15:00	Solutions for lean and effective usage of laboratory services by an Intensive Care unit
                        Robert Tepaske and Prim de Bie 

15:00-15:30	Coffee break & Poster Walk

Session: Demand management - part II
Chairs: Kjell Grankvist and Janne Cadamuro

15:30-16:00	Diagnostic pathways – When? How? Benefits
                        Georg Hoffmann
16:00-16:30	Drivers for and examples of demand management in the UK
                        Michael Cornes
16:30-17:00	American Board of Internal Medicine’s “Choosing Wisely” campaign - Practical examples
                        Geoffrey Baird

Saturday, 25 March, 2017

Session: POCT and preanalytics
Chairs: Michael Cornes and Edmée van Dongen-Lases

08:30-09:00	Clinicians point of view, challenges of POCT
                        Antoine Guillon
09:00-09:30	POCT innovations from a lab point of view
                        Robbert Slingerland
09:30-09:50	Innovation in the preanalytical phase of POCT testing
                        Ana Stankovic 
09:50-10:10	Pre-analytical EQAS program for POCT users
                        Sverre Sandberg, EFLM President 

10:10-10:40	Coffee break & Poster Walk

Session: EFLM WG-PRE blood sampling project
Chairs: Stephen Church and Pinar Eker

10:40-11:10	EFLM WG-PRE project: European recommendation for venous blood sampling
                        Ana-Maria Simundic
11:10-11:30	Presentation of the Austrian pilot
                        Janne Cadamuro
11:30-11:50	Managing the quality of blood sampling through education
                        Karin Bolenius

11:50-12:10	Mini break

Session: Improving the quality of blood sampling - role of local, regional and national resources
Chairs: Svetlana Kovalevskaya and Gunn B.B. Kristensen

12:10-12:30	Preanalytical resource centre at Haukeland University Hospital
                        Marit Sverresdotter Sylte
12:30-12:50	The role of National societies in improving the quality of blood sampling – Croatian example                             
                        Lora Dukic

13:00-13:30	Closing Ceremony
                        Poster Awards